YouTubers Drop Car Onto A Giant Axe From 150 Feet In Crazy Demonstration

The moment where the giant axe meets the poor car is pretty brutal.

Humanity has reached a point in history where we can play "cat vs. something on the kitchen counter" with some pretty big and possibly expensive stuff, and YouTube videos are there for us to document our bizarre accomplishments.

We had previously reported ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober dropping a car from 150 feet onto the "world's strongest trampoline", and now, the absolutely ridiculous YouTube channel How Ridiculous has decided to drop a car onto a giant axe. As you'd imagine, things hadn't gone well for Rober's experiment car, and the same thing can be said for these guys'.

After trying their luck with a pretty old jet-ski, How Ridiculous guys decide to throw a car into the mix. The axe that is waiting for it down below, however, is a pretty brutal one that might remind you of the Saw series. 

The big question they are trying to answer is "Will it split?" and if you're also curious about the outcome, you should definitely tune in for this incredibly entertaining video.

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