Teams Film the Speed of Light at 10 Trillion Frames Per Second

The world's fastest camera has filmed the speed of light.

The Slow Mo Guys are known for their slow-motion videos but this time they took it a step further and visited Caltech to use the world's fastest camera. What did they want to film? The speed of light at 10 trillion FPS.

To give you a frame of reference the cameras they normally use, as impressive as they are, are still 20 million times slower than this one from Caltech. Together they tried to capture the speed of light.

Those speeds are in the picoseconds and femtoseconds ranges. The Slow Mo Guys are very excited with their new project, and we can see why.

Working with the Caltech researcher, they film the speed of light. We couldn't tell you how incredible this is, you have to watch the video to see it yourself. We will tell you it is definitely worth your while. 

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