YouTubers Test the Weirdest Fire Extinguishers Against the Most Common One

An AFO fireball and firevases go up against a regular old fire extinguisher.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We all know of the most common fire extinguishers. The red devices are a staple at most large buildings including malls and hotels. But have you ever heard of AFO fireballs and firevases?

AFO fireballs are round contraptions that look like, well you guessed it, balls. The premise behind the product is that you throw the ball at any fire and it explodes extenuating the fire and leaving behind only a white powder. It is compact, easy to use, and small enough that a child could pick it up and throw it.

Firevases are pretty vases filled with a blue liquid. You can put them in your house for decoration and when a fire strikes you can throw them at it to put it out. The vases can even be broken over a blanket so you can wear it as protective gear when trying to exit a fire.

Although not as common as the regular fire extinguisher, these are all valid ways to put out fires especially if the fires are just starting and are not very big. But which of these is the most effective?

YouTubers The King of Random asked that question and decided to try to answer it by testing all three types of fire extinguishers. Watch the video to find out which performed best.

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