YouTubers Try to Build a Self-Propelled Car Engine

They use the bare minimum of parts in order to get it moving.

In the world of cars, you can never run out of brilliant and brilliantly terrible ideas. From testing how far you can go in first gear at wide-open throttle to building the quietest car exhaust system using nine mufflers, it is safe to say that the guys at YouTube channel Garage 54 have got their hands in every pot.

Never the ones to feel uninspired, the channel, an automative paradise for enthusiasts, has now made a video where they try making a self-propelled engine using the bare minimum of parts in order to get it moving.

If you want to have some background information before diving into the video, Garage 54 explains that they'll be connecting wheels to a crankshaft and start the engine which is fitted with a tiny fuel tank. According to the video, you'll either see the engine rotating around its own axis, or since it will be heavier than the wheels, it'll start moving. Just imagine a carriage with two wheels and a motor in the middle without a gearbox or clutch, and watch the video to see this mysterious carriage roving around.

Absurd, right? It definitely holds its own next to this fully functional upside-down car that makes all the heads turn.

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