YouTubers Turn Wrecked Tesla Model 3 Into Off-Road Machine Fit for Mad Max

Things will get muddy, so be prepared.
Derya Ozdemir

Off-roading cars has always been popular, so it's no surprise that Teslas are getting a taste of their own. In this video, you'll see the talented guys from the YouTube channel Grind Hard Plumbing Co building what they call "the ultimate off-road Tesla."

They start with a totaled salvage dual-motor Model 3 Long Range that they have quite extensively modified, and the video also has Rich Rebuilds, who is known for resurrecting Teslas and using them in pretty cool projects.

The vehicle is outfitted with a suspension lift, a winch, and proper tires to make it truly off-road and ready to face the apocalypse. They also added some lights behind the vehicle for good measure, which look pretty cool at night.

Once they get the Model 3 off-road ready, they took it for a test drive, and you should expect things to get muddy. If you're curious to see how it performed, make sure you watch the video embedded above. You'll most probably be impressed with the torque and responsiveness of the electric dual-motor powertrain off-road. Also, keep an eye out for more videos, as this appears to be just the beginning, and the team has plans to advance it even further. Enjoy!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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