YouTubers Use Science to Test a Child Restraint Seat

Are these seats as safe as they are supposed to be?

We all rely on child restraint seats to keep our babies safe, but are they as safe as they seem? YouTuber Car Seat Dude decided to use a little science to test one such seat and come up with some convincing answers.

The YouTuber explained that the idea came to him after reading a poorly presented news article on child restraint safety. The article featured a so-called "design expert" with what Car Seat Dude thought was to be little to no understanding of the science behind child restraint design.

"I decided to do the best I could, with what items I have. But also take it from a science/engineering perspective. I mean cutting a seat up with a reciprocating saw is not a test. There is this persistent myth that a steel-framed restraint is better, well in crash dynamics terms it's not, we want crush or crumple zones and solid steel frames just don't provide that. It is the same as saying an old 'solid' car is better when it is simply not," said in the video's description Car Seat Dude.


In the end, the YouTuber concluded that even an 18-year-old plastic restraint can sustain significant forces deducing that the science behind these seats is sound. We are pretty sure parents everywhere are relieved to hear that!

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