Zipline-Ghost Serves Trick or Treaters While Social Distancing

Seriously, this is still September folks. Maybe wait until October at least?
Utku Kucukduner

Rejoice! For Halloween spirit is here — if we put aside the fact that we're still in September. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has surely changed our lifestyle and routines, making this our first Halloween with the social distancing practices in place.

Probably as a result of being bored out of their minds, a family came up with an ingenious solution to serve trick-or-treaters from a safe distance. This year, they'll zipline their treats; candy for kids, and beer for their guardians. How neat!


The engineering behind the zipline is also quite clever. There's a drill attached to a fishing rod roll that takes the ghost-mounted beer-candy caddy to a post on the sidewalk.

The description reads: "A little early but here’s my solution for a socially distanced Halloween😁🎃. Yes, I asked my family and neighbors to dress up their kids for my silly video. They did get candy out of the deal. I included some treats for the parents as well. I used a cable and some pulleys to create a zipline. I used a fishing reel to retrieve the beer caddy."

Go on, watch for yourself what these innovative minds came up with. 


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