Volkswagen's Seat Will Develop New Technology with Italian Natural Gas Supplier

VW's Seat division, will work with the Italian gas company Snam to develop new market opportunities for compressed natural gas.

Volkswagen subsidiary company, Seat has signed a deal with Italian gas group Snam to increase the use of natural gas to power cars. The companies will work together to develop new products and fuel networks.

“For SEAT, one out of every five vehicles sold in Italy uses compressed natural gas (CNG),” Seat President Luca de Meo said.

He went on to say the deal would “further enhance the development of CNG in Italy and export this success case to other countries.”

Italy leads Europe in CNG vehicle use

Italy is a leader in producing CNG power cars contributing 55 percent of all vehicles sold in Europe this year powered by the fuel. There has been an increase in the use of compressed natural gas cars in Europe in recent years.

Italy has more 1 million CNG powered vehicles on the road and there are more than 1300 fuelling stations across the southern European country. Seat is committed to developing CRG fuelled cars across its lineup.

Seat delivers the world's only natural gas SUV

It currently offers compressed natural gas and petrol hybrid technology with the Mii, the Ibiza, the Leon, and the Arona, the only CNG SUV in the world.

CNG powered vehicles emit 75% less nitrogen oxide compared to diesel vehicles and 25% less CO2 than cars that run on petrol.

The vehicles also report only minuscule amounts of particulate matter emission. CRG powered cars are considered environmentally friendly’ by the European Union and can access cities with pollution-related traffic restrictions.

Customers go green and save dollars

Seat says that in addition to being a pus for the environment natural gas provides big economic advantages to customers giving savings of over 30% per kilometer compared to diesel and over 55% in the case of petrol. Snam describes itself as Europe's leading gas utility.

Although based in Italy, Snam operates via its subsidiaries in Austria (TAG and GCA), France (Teréga) and the United Kingdom (Interconnector UK).

Snam CEO Marco Alverà, described the deal saying, “this partnership will strengthen the development of natural gas and biomethane-powered sustainable mobility, both in Italy and across Europe, combining Snam’s innovative infrastructure development, and SEAT’s expertise in rolling out new sustainable models.


We believe that natural gas is the most immediate solution to improving air quality in our cities, in addition to having environmental sustainability, performance and economic advantages.

The rapid spread of renewable gas has highlighted this. Sustainable mobility is one of the key areas of focus for our 200 million euro investment plan in energy transition businesses."

Via: Seat