Walmart Employees Are Not Happy with Their New Robot Colleagues

The robots tend to mess up basic tasks as well as creep out customers.

We all have experienced it at some point in our careers. It is bound to happen. You might get along with a lot of your colleagues, but there is that one person that just gets under your skin. Perhaps they are just a little odd and may not be from the area? Maybe they are a bit of a perfectionist and working hard to take your position. Or, they simply could be annoying.


It seems Walmart employees share the same sentiment towards their latest employee. Rather recently, Walmart has hired a group of robots from Bossa Nova in their stores to help free their employees from menial tasks so they can do more meaningful work.

Though the idea does sound good on paper and in line with some emerging trends, things are allegedly not going too well, and employees have been very vocal towards their new employee. If a robot showed up one day at work, you might feel some type of way too.

Hiring Robots

Walmart themselves have been ecstatic about rolling out robots in their stores. Just this past April, Walmart proceeded to roll out robots in stores to help monitor inventory, clean floors and unload trucks, part of the retail giant’s efforts to control labor costs as it spends more to raise wages and offer new services like online grocery delivery.

The robots are allegedly not here to take employees jobs. According to Mark Propes, senior director of central operations for Walmart US,  “With automation, we are able to take away some of the tasks that associates don’t enjoy doing.  At the same time, we continue to open up new jobs in other things in the store.”

Issues With The New Guy

In a recent story by The Washington Post, Walmart made it very clear that they “hate” their new robot colleagues. Even more so, according to the article, customers feel uneasy and are not really sure how to acts around the robots. Six-feet tall robots responsible for finding missing items creepily lurk behind customers.


Some complain that the robots are a bit glitchy, with the robots not really fully completing the tasks they were hired to do forcing other employees to take the time to come in and finish the job. We have all been there.

Though these robots are sure to be improved with a few software updates, maybe the world is not ready for robots in stores just yet. Would you mind having a robot colleague?

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