Watch These Spectacular Crosswind Landings During Storm Angus

Watch These Spectacular Crosswind Landings During Storm Angus

This incredible footage shows one of Emirate's A380 crafts being pushed by Storm Angus before coming into land. The plane flew in sideways into the wind rather than directly to the runway in a 'crab' landing.

The footage comes courtesy of Jerry Taha Productions on YouTube. This wasn't the only harrowing landing that day. A Nippon cargo B747 plane attempted and succeeded in landing. You can clearly see the wings struggling to stay even once the plane hits the tarmac. The following video also comes from Jerry Taha Productions.

Chief executive for the UK's Flight Safety Committee Dai Whittingham told the Daily Mail that strong crosswinds are a daily problem for even the most skilled pilots.

"High winds in themselves are not dangerous but they can certainly be inconvenient, especially if the wind direction is across the runway... All pilots train to land in high crosswind conditions and will have practiced to the aircraft limits in the simulator... When any new aircraft is certified to carry passengers it comes with a published crosswind limit which is the maximum that has been demonstrated by a test pilot during the certification process."

Crosswind landings are particularly rough on passengers, Whittingham noted, due to the added turbulence as the plane approaches the tarmac. Passengers don't see the pilot's forward view, and that limited vision adds to the feeling of getting tossed around by the wind a bit more.

Crosswinds are simply winds with a perpendicular momentum to the line of travel. While this affects planes on the greatest level, crosswinds can also result in automobile and sailing accidents. The most dangerous spot for a crosswind to hit? The runway, as it can directly impact a plane's undercarriage during takeoff or landing. And that's what these videos capture.

The Emirates A380 can hold 615 passengers total, and the A380 collection has been in service since 2008.

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Storm Angus hit the UK yesterday, bringing with it hurricane force winds and causing flooding and power shortages to thousands. The storm's high winds have left, leaving behind tons of rain in the South Western portion of Britain.

Via DailyMail

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