Watch This Truck Gracefully Maneuver A 152-Ton Trailer Through Traffic

The driver makes it almost look easy while driving that 235-feet truck.

Watch This Truck Gracefully Maneuver A 152-Ton Trailer Through Traffic
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Truck yeah! Truckers sometimes have to bring out the big guns with some of their heavy, long, and awkward-sized loads. Watching some of them maneuver their trailers is something to behold. 

Earlier this month, a video of a trucker in Florida gracefully maneuvering a 152-ton trailer across a two-lane turnpike was shared online, and it's a good reminder of how tricky trucking can sometimes be. 

The truckers are part of Buchanan Hauling & Rigging in Sumterville, Florida. 


Heavy loads

The trucker in the video was transporting a tolling gantry, the big structures that go above highway toll booths that automatically track and charge your vehicle as it passes beneath them. They're large. So to say this was going to be an intricate situation would be an understatement. 

This is something that takes serious logistics. The truck is 4.2 meters wide (14 feet) along with its load, which makes it two feet wider than a regular freeway lane. The grantee itself is a whopping 71.6 meters long (235 feet). Moving this entire contraption from A to B would be impossible without an escort of support cars blocking off roads and traffic along the way. 

Watch and see how the trucker maneuvers the entire vehicle across what looks like an impossible turn, navigating over multiple lanes. 

There are some incredible trucks out there as well as truckers who can maneuver their jaw-dropping loads with seeming ease.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in the trucking world, as there are many new creations joining their ranks — and not just the likes of cars. For instance, there's this automated truck coming up, which may push truckers out of the picture. But could it maneuver such a load as the Buchanan Hauling & Rigging trucker? Time alone will tell.

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