We Can Now Engineer Cow-Free Ice Cream That Tastes So Good

A company appropriately called 'Perfect Day' has figured out how to make ice cream without cow's milk, and it actually tastes great.

We Can Now Engineer Cow-Free Ice Cream That Tastes So Good
An array of rainbow-hued, plant-inspired frozen treats. kerdkanno/iStock

In an age when being vegan, lactose intolerant, or generally eco-minded about sourcing minimal carbon-footprint food has become not only the cultural norm but almost the biological majority as well, new attitudes about old favorites abound in the gustatory realm. We can now access animal-free renditions of nearly everything that once reeked of byproduct.


One place where developments have stalled is in the arena of frozen desserts. There is just nothing like good, old-fashioned dairy-rich ice cream. While organic and exploratory flavors have run deliciously amok for years, with avocado and lavender really having a moment in recent months, no one could solve the riddle of how to make animal-free ice cream that kept the same creamy texture associated with the whey commonly present in cow's milk.

That is, until a green-minded (yet not anti-dairy) company called Perfect Day recently stepped in and began generating casein and whey - milk proteins - that are nutritionally identical to those that derive from a cow, but without the cow!

The result is a tasty vegan ice cream counterpart that many are claiming can actually stand up to its cow-based cousins. Gone are the days when your cashew milk sundae tasted like it had grains of beach sand mixed into it, and no more will you be forced to smile through the somewhat chalky effect that coconut milk can often lend your vegan smoothie. 

What about GMO's? While Perfect Day's product does use genetically modified yeast to turn the requisite sugars into the desired casein and whey, only the clean whey makes it into the ice cream. So, the process gets a bit chemical, but the product remains natural.


You get to taste the fluff you expect, the silky texture, without the unwanted addition of the fluff (chemicals) you do not. In this, Perfect Day may have found the holy grail of sorts when it comes to an ice cream answer for those who, for whatever reason, wish to skip the cow component. 

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