Engineering Careers

  • May 24, 2023 04:00 PM EST
  • 1 hour
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Engineering Careers Webinar

Join us for an inspirational webinar with Nader Mowlaee, an esteemed Engineering Career Coach, as he shares invaluable insights on how engineers around the world can find happiness in their lives and success in their careers. 

With the current job market becoming increasingly competitive, Nader's own background in technology and expertise in recruiting engineers will help you navigate these challenges and reach your full potential.

  • Understanding the current job market trends for engineers and how to stay ahead.
  • Embracing change and cultivating resilience in your engineering career.
  • The role of passion and purpose in finding happiness and success as an engineer.
  • Nader Mowlaee

    Nader Mowlaee

    Engineering Career Coach

    Nader Mowlaee is an electronics engineer who has worked as an engineering career coach and technical recruiter since 2012. Nader is inspired by motivating confidence in engineers and helping job seekers take calculated actions to move towards their career goals. Nader’s mission is to enable engineers to break away from their fears and create the career they want. 

  • Roland Ellison

    Roland Ellison

    Executive Editor

    Roland Ellison is a London-based journalist and content producer who is passionate about how technology can provide solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Having started his editorial career with B2B print titles in the construction and hospitality sectors, he moved into digital, social and video production with roles at The Daily Mirror and BBC Global News, before heading up global creative and video teams at Storyful. Roland lives with his wife and two children in South London.