You Can Become a Big Data and Hadoop Expert with This Training

With 44 hours of instruction, this course bundle will teach you how to utilize one of Big Data's greatest and most powerful tools.

We are living in the Big Data revolution. Practically every major company on Earth relies on gathering, organizing, analyzing, and synthesizing massive sets of data in order to attract new customers and innovate groundbreaking products and services.

If you’ve stayed even remotely informed about the rise of Big Data and its power, you’ve doubtlessly heard of Hadoop—a set of open-source programs and platforms that companies and even governments use as the foundation of their Big Data operations.

If you want to take advantage of the uniquely lucrative careers that are available to those who know how to work with lots and lots of data, having a strong understanding of Hadoop is essential. And despite Hadoop’s reach and power, it’s not as difficult to tackle as many people would have you believe.

The Big Data Mastery with Hadoop Bundle contains 8 courses and over 280 lessons of easy-to-follow instruction that will get you up and running with this Big Data titan in no time, and the entire bundle is on sale for just $39.

Whether you’ve been working with Big Data for a while and want to expand your skill set, or you’re just starting out and want to master the right technologies from the start, the training in this bundle will teach you everything from the fundamentals of Hadoop to the most advanced methods and development features used by the pros.

You’ll learn the art of framing data analysis problems using MapReduce, how to translate complex analysis scenarios into multi-stage projects, build apps that can solve real-world problems and help companies innovate new products, execute powerful database operations that increase efficiency, and much more.

Join the Big Data revolution by mastering one of its most relied-upon tools. The Big Data Mastery with Hadoop Bundle is on sale for over 90% off at just $39.

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