You Can Create Your Own Chatbot in Minutes with This Simple Tool

Quriobot lets you set up interactive and user-friendly chatbots on your website, so you can focus on the more creative aspects of building your business.

We’re living in an increasingly automated world that substitutes actual human interaction with Facebook feeds and Instagram likes. Practically every profitable business has had to adapt to this new reality by building websites and apps that deliver immediate gratification for the customer—often at the expense of customer service.

Chatbots—those friendly, automated chat windows that guide you through any problem you’re experiencing on a website or with a company—have become the mainstay of efficient and streamlined customer service in the Internet Age, and Quriobot lets you set one up in just minutes. And a lifetime subscription to this juggernaut of digital customer service is on sale for 95% off at $59.99.

Regardless of whether you’re a small startup or a Fortune 500 company, Quriobot makes it easy to create a professional-grade customer service experience for your clients, so you can focus on actually building your company instead of answering every question and complaint.

Using drag-and-drop templates, you can quickly customize your chatbot to replace contact forms, ask visitors for constructive feedback on their experience, and perform other helpful functions that will ensure your business and website run smoothly at all times.

You’ll be able to write and program responses that match the tone of your business, retrieve and categorize valuable data obtained from customers and potential future clients, adjust the aesthetic layout of your chatbot to match the look of your site, and more.

Quriobot even lets you apply conditional rules to its behavior—meaning that your users and customers will be treated the same way as if there were a real human on the other end of the line answering their questions.

Let Quriobot handle your customer relations so you can sit back and focus on the more creative elements of your business. A lifetime subscription is available for 95% off at just $59.99.

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