You Can Learn Arduino with This Comprehensive eBook Bundle

Through 10 eBooks of project-based instruction, this extensive training will teach you how to design and build your own projects with the world's most popular open-source electronics platform.

The Internet of Things Revolution has forever changed the ways in which we interact with electronics. Not too long ago, if you wanted to build a computer or home automation system from scratch, you needed a fancy engineering degree and a sizable chunk of cash to boot.

Those days are over. A series of affordable and powerful open-source electronics platforms have made it easy for anyone with a meager amount of cash and curiosity to build their very own complex electronics projects in the comfort of their own home.

Arduino—a family of small-yet-powerful micro-controllers—has come to epitomize this new DIY reality by offering a number of options for home electronics projects, and the 2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle will introduce you to this limitlessly expandable platform for any price you want to pay.

With ten eBooks that detail an incredible range of Arduino concepts and projects, this bundle is aimed at novice engineers and advanced programmers alike.

You can start with the basics—gaining a general understanding of the hardware and wiring of your Arduino system—before moving on to programming concepts, home automation and robotics, espionage devices, display controllers, liquid flow sensors, and much more.

There’s even an eBook dedicated to teaching you how to design, code, and build your own wearable technology—including interactive bike gloves, a GPS locator watch, and more.

Your training is hands-on and uses real-world examples to demonstrate how your devices are implemented, and by the time you’ve made your way through the material, you should feel comfortable building your own, fully-customized projects without having to rely on templates.

Pay what you want for the entire training package, and if that’s less than the average price paid you’ll still take home something great. Beat the average price and you take home the entire bundle.

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