You Can Learn How to Build Robots with This DIY Arduino Bundle

The Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle will help you transition into a full-fledged robotics master.

The Internet of Things revolution is finally upon us. People with virtually no background in computer science or engineering can now create their very own advanced electronics projects from scratch, and nothing embodies this new reality like Arduino—an open source computer hardware and software environment that lets users build everything from smart thermostats to fully-functional robots.

But given the almost unlimited number of projects you can build with Arduino, getting started can be understandably intimidating (especially if you have limited experience with electronics). The Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle makes it easy to transition into a full-fledged robotics master, and it’s on sale for 90% off at just $29.

Each of the three courses in this bundle is geared toward giving you the skills you need to bring your engineering visions to life.

The first course, Make an Arduino Robot, stays true to its title. Through eight hours of content and over 55 lessons, this course teaches you everything from the more theoretical aspects of robotics development to the nitty-gritty details of actually building one. By the time you’re done, you’ll have created a functional wheeled robot that can navigate towards a light source, avoid obstacles, take commands, and more.

Next, Arduino Robotics with the mBot introduces you to one of the most popular educational robotics platforms around through five hours of content and over 35 lessons that show you how to install sensors, actuators, LEDs, and more.

Finally, Advanced Arduino Boards and Tools will add to your new robotics knowledge by teaching you how to think creatively and build your very own custom robots from scratch. You’ll cover everything from advanced debugging tools and cloud-based automation techniques to Arduino-PC collaboration and beyond.

Discover the endlessly fascinating world of Arduino with the Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle for just $29—90% off its usual price.

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