You Can Make Your Own Robot Tissue Box Holder With This DIY Kit

Tissue boxes don't tend to get people very excited, but these DIY robot tissue holders have changed that forever.

You’d be excused if the thought of purchasing a tissue box holder doesn’t inspire frenzied excitement. Indeed, the underwhelming boxes that dutifully deliver our tissues are rarely more than an afterthought when it comes to home decor and interior design.

But don’t be too quick to dismiss tissue boxes as universally boring. This DIY Robot Tissue Box Holder is destined to add a flare of nefarious robotic style and intrigue to any room in the house or office, and right now it’s on sale for over 25% off at just $24.99.

Designed primarily for robot fans who love to build stuff but perfect for anyone who wants a super cool, tissue-spitting robot in their room, this DIY kit turns the bland act of reaching for a tissue into an epic engagement with a somewhat demonic robot.

Your robot is crafted from ultra-durable MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) dominant material and features a main compartment for your tissues, along with extendable and adjustable arms that can be used to hold anything from pens and pencils to tools and weapons.

There are also a variety of different dispensing “faces” that can be used to transform your robot from a friendly companion into an evil nemesis bent on world domination.

Your kit weights only two pounds and comes loaded with everything you need for assembly—including laser-cut pieces, sandpaper (for rounding out any remaining rough edges), and all the nuts and bolts you need to bring your futuristic tissue buddy to life.

You’ll even be able to polish and paint the surface of your assembled robot to match the decor of any room.


Don’t settle for bland and uninspiring tissue boxes. These DIY Robot Tissue Box Holders available for just $24.99—over 25% off their usual price.

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