You Can Manage Your Projects Easily With This Innovative Software

This renowned project management tool will ensure you never miss another deadline.

We’ve all been there. You’re asked to manage a major project that could make or break your career, and the very thought of having so much on your plate leads to missed deadlines, botched objectives, and ultimately underwhelming performance. Regardless of the industry, these are the types of problems that hold people back from achieving their career goals.

That’s where Aeon Timeline 2 comes in. This innovative software lets you streamline the entire project management process, stay ahead of deadlines, and juggle every aspect of your workflow with ease—and right now this career-changing app is on sale for 60% off at just $19.99.

Compatible with Mac and Windows platforms, Aeon Timeline 2 is your all-in-one organizational tool for any project, big or small. It’s ideally suited to creative writers, project managers, and legal practitioners, thanks to an intuitive interface that lets you manage events, define complicated timelines, and link with other members of your team.

You’ll be able to assign specific events to images and external documents to better track research and pull important documents, divide events into groups based on their relationship to other elements of the project, and even filter events on your timeline based on dates, tags, individual properties, and more.

Aeon Timeline 2 also makes it easy to work with either pre-configured templates or those of your own creation—all while allowing any member of your team to import CSV files, export images, and sync with other web-based publishing timelines.

Manage your next major project like a seasoned pro with Aeon Timeline 2—on sale now for $19.99.

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