You Can Master Big Data With This 60+ Hour Training Bundle

Take the time to master the tools of the data science trade with this Big Data Bundle.

Today's businesses run on data. From understanding their target audience to determining the effectiveness of a particular campaign, companies rely on mounds of marketing information to make key business decisions. That's why they're willing to pay top-dollar for skilled experts capable of collecting, analyzing, and turning big data into actionable insights and statistics.

While demand for these professionals is high, you'll need to prove you're skilled with their most popular tools before you can get your foot in the door. Thankfully, The Big Data Bundle can get you there, and it's on sale for $45 for a limited time.

This collection boasts more than 60 hours of training spread across nine courses. Here are some highlights:

1. Learn By Example: Hadoop & MapReduce for Big Data Problems

Featuring training in Hadoop and MapReduce, this 13-hour training will get you familiar with the leading frameworks used for processing mass amounts of data. You'll dive into key concepts, like setting up your own Hadoop cluster and using MapReduce to recommend friends in a social network, building search engines, and generating bigrams.

2. From 0 to 1 : Spark for Data Science in Python

Big data scientists generally have to use several separate systems to analyze big data efficiently. Spark, on the other hand, provides you a single engine to explore and work with large amounts of data, run machine learning algorithms, and perform many other functions in a single interactive environment. This course will get you up and running with Spark in 8 hours.

3. Pig for Wrangling Big Data

Data wrangling is a core part of working with big data. Pig proves itself a valuable tool by wrestling unstructured data into a more accessible form that can be stored in a data warehouse for reporting and analysis. Jump into this collection, and you'll get Pig-savvy in 5 hours.

The Big Data Bundle typically retails for $781, but you can get it on sale for $45, saving more than 90 percent off the usual price.

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