You Can Master Python Programming With This Comprehensive Bundle

This bundle is one of the most comprehensive Python bundles available on the web. Pay what you want for 5 courses and over 55 hours of instruction.

With so many fantastic programming languages available to the aspiring or career developer, it can be challenging to decide which one to learn next. But if you still haven’t learned Python, look no further. This incredibly powerful and dynamic language is used in many development platforms, and it’s surprisingly simple to learn if you have the right instruction.

The Absolute Python Bundle is one of the most comprehensive Python bundles available on the web. Featuring five courses and over 55 hours of instruction, this exhaustive bundle has everything you need to start working with Python either on your own or in a corporate setting, and the best part is that you only have to pay what you want.

If you’ve never dabbled in Python before, you’ll start with The Complete Python Programming Boot Camp module, which outlines all the fundamental elements of the language—such as using loops, variables, and statements—while introducing you to the multiple frameworks in which Python can be used.

With the basics covered, you’ll move on to modules that teach you how to implement Python with advanced machine learning techniques, use TensorFlow to build powerful graphs and regression models, incorporate platforms like Selenium WebDriver to implement cross-browser testing and automation frameworks, and much more.

Each step of your education is guided by hands-on examples that build gradually on previously-learned skills—meaning you’ll be able to learn at your own pace through exercises that are hand-crafted to solidify your new knowledge.

Take your programming and development skills to the next level with the Absolute Python Bundle. Pay only what you want, and if that's less than the average price, you'll still take home something great. If you beat the average price, you’ll receive the entire bundle. And if you beat the leader’s price you’ll automatically be entered into winning an iPhone X for absolutely free.

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