You Can Spend Your Holidays in the Clouds with This Airlander

Henry Cookson Adventures is teaming up with the aircrafts inventor Hybrid Air Vehicles to create the luxury flights.

The Airlander 10, the hybrid plane and airship from Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), is set to become the latest luxury tourist attraction. The company has teamed up with Henry Cookson Adventures (HCA) to take the aircraft on commercial flights.

The maiden voyage of the refurbished ship is set to take place sometime in 2018. Dave Burns, Airlander Chief Test Pilot says, “I have flown Airlander a number of times now, and am really excited about the possibility of taking the first passengers on board. I can imagine the awe and excitement of seeing the world in luxury, with amazing views, quietly and whilst respecting the environment.”

You Can Spend Your Holidays in the Clouds with This Airlander
Source: HybridAirVehicles

Collaborative team represent the best in luxury travel

HCA is famous for creating some of the world’s most luxurious and unique travel experiences including kitesurfing in the Arctic and cave exploring in Vietnam. The travel group creates boutique itineraries for small groups that can afford the six-figure price tag.

Giant Helium-filled Hybrid Airship Airlander Makes First Historic Flight

Giant Helium-filled Hybrid Airship Airlander Makes First Historic Flight

The interior of the Airlander 10 will be designed by the award-winning firm, Design Q. Hybrid Air Vehicles and Design Q have been awarded a £60,000 Design Foundations Round 2 grant by the UK’s Innovation Agency, Innovate UK. The funding will be used to create the ‘Airlander Luxury Tourism Design Development Project’.

Howard Guy, C.E.O and joint founder of Design Q says, “We are excited with the prospect of working on such a unique project, not only is it the largest flying aircraft in the world but it demands an interior that truly breaks new ground and provides an experience that will be unlike anything seen before. This will be something that passengers will treasure all their lives.” Design Q has worked on some of the most famous aircraft manufacturers including Bombardier and BAE Systems.


Airlander 10 capable of staying airborne for five days

The Airlander 10 is a highly unusual aircraft, it is able to stay airborne for up to five days and can land under a variety of conditions, including on water and sand. The aircraft is also almost completely silent and features floor to ceiling windows. These attributes will no doubt make it a highly desirable must-do for the world’s elite. The company’s website suggests, once in operation, the tours will take in such varied landscapes as ‘the North Pole, Bolivian Salt Pans and Namib Desert.’

You Can Spend Your Holidays in the Clouds with This Airlander
Source: HybridAirVehicles

HVA is accepted onto the London Stock Exchange ELITE programme

Hybrid Air Vehicles were founded in 2007, with an aim to create high payload carrying hybrid aircraft. The Airlander range has been touted for application in surveillance, emergency response, and communications. Its website states that the aircraft has a low carbon footprint including low pollution, noise and particle emissions, but it is vague on the details of exactly how the Airlander works. The company has grown steadily since its launch and was recently accepted onto London Stock Exchange’s ELITE programme for high growth companies looking to seek a listing on the AIM Stock Market.

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