You Can Work Towards Becoming an Ethical Hacker with This Extensive Bundle

This extensive bundle contains 8 courses and over 45 hours of instruction geared toward turning you into full-fledged cyber warrior.

The most significant threat to a national government is no longer a standing army; it’s a hacker with an Internet connection. Armed with only a few lines of code and a desire to take down anything from power grids to intelligence centers, hackers have become incredibly adept at infiltrating super-secure systems from all over the globe.

This extensive bundle contains 8 courses and over 45 hours of instruction geared toward turning you into a full-fledged cyber warrior.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the only people who can effectively fight back against malicious hackers are hackers themselves. These ethical or “white hat” hackers can enter into the mindset of a cybercriminal to predict and thwart large-scale attacks, and they’re often called upon to initiate counterstrikes that can debilitate a nefarious hacker’s infrastructure.

Thanks to a dramatic increase in the rate at which cyber attacks are launched, demand for ethical hackers has never been higher. Companies in the private and public sector are scrambling to keep up with the rising threat, and are offering lucrative salaries to those who have the skills to get the job done.

With eight courses and over 45 hours of content, the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle will teach you everything you need to know to enter this exciting and increasingly relevant field, and the entire bundle is on sale for just $39.

The extensive training in this bundle is geared toward turning you into an agile cyber warrior regardless of how much experience you have with code.

You’ll start by learning about big-picture concepts such as active and passive reconnaissance, network scanning, basic systems operations, and server fundamentals. From there, you’ll focus on the specifics of how to break into secure networks, execute scanning viruses and worms, bolster the security apparatus of any communications system, and much more.

Get the skills you need to fight the good fight and join the lucrative field of ethical hacking. The Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle will get you to where you need to be for over 95% off at just $39.

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